How High is Your ‘Happiness IQ?’

I’m happy to announce I recently completed a five month certificate program in Positive Psychology where I learned the about the essential ingredients to create true joy in our lives. During this course, I was exposed to a lot of the science and research behind the facts on what actually brings more positivity into peoples’ lives. It may not be what you think; or maybe you do know what brings deep happiness??? To test out your level of ‘Happiness Intelligence’ answer the following questions. While this is obviously not being graded, use your ‘score’ as an opportunity to learn more-who doesn’t want more happiness in their life?

What Makes People Happier???

A. Being grateful B. Buying a new car

A. Focusing on the present B. Over-thinking about the past

A. Spending time with friends B. Watching TV

A. Having compassion for others B. Having a few drinks

A. Giving to others B. Receiving from others

A. Doing what you are good at B. Doing what comes easy to you

A. Increasing the positives in your life B. Decreasing the negative experiences in your life

How many ‘A’s did you get? If you scored 7 A’s, congratulations! You clearly have an understanding of what brings true happiness. If you scored 4 or more A’s, your Happiness IQ is impressive too! If you scored 3 or less A’s, use this as incentive to learn as much as you can about increasing your Happiness IQ and the actual joy you experience on a daily basis. Take a look at for more information and great resources on creating and sustaining happiness in your life.

Also too, if you are interested in a one to one Happiness Session, feel free to reach out to me to schedule it. We will work together to create a Personalized Happiness Plan specific to your wants and needs. We will explore what areas of your life need more attention and how to do that effectively. These are 45 minute phone sessions and are only $149. (Effective through June 31, 2017).