The Blame Game

Chances are you know this game well.  Chances are you’ve played a round or two. Maybe you even started the game Well, it is a losing game: there are no winners in the “Blame Game”. You may think I don’t blame my partner for things he didn’t really do, but he really caused this problem therefore he’s got to take responsibility. Read the following closely: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO CA– USED IT!!! What matters instead, is how you and your partner feel and what do you both need to resolve it.

If you’ve ever said any of the following, you’ve played this game:

  1. “I wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t…”
  2. “You always…”
  3. “You never…”
  4. “You made me feel…”
  5. “It’s your fault!”

The Rose Relationship Learning CenterEven if your partner did cause something, it truly is irrelevant in your relationship. The relevant points are what has happened, what you both need, what type of relationship you both want and what do yo both have to do to get there. You are both equally responsible for the quality of your relationship. As long as you are both committed to improving or saving your relationship and both willing to do what it takes, there is hope! Where do you start?

Start by respecting your partner and yourself. When you speak, talk only about your thoughts,feelings, needs and perceptions – not about his/her behavior! Also, do not judge your partner, you chose this person for a reason, and that reason is still there. Sometimes, it is harder to see the traits you fell involve with, especially when you are hurt, angry or resentful.

Next, take responsibility for your self. Apologize for things you may have done that could have caused pain in your relationship and strategize ways to avoid this in the future

Last, if you find your and your partner are still struggling , you may benefit from professional help. You may want to consider the following options:

  • Couples Therapy – to lean ways to improve your relationship
  • Give me a call at 732.517.1177 or check out to find ways I can help you and your partner .