Time for Spring Cleaning…And I Don’t Mean Your Closets!


By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW

The Rose Relationship Learning CenterSo, FINALLY, the weather is nicer and daylight is longer! Hooray, we made it through the brutal and challenging winter. Now, it is time to do a bit of a ‘spring cleaning’ but not your closets… YOUR LIFE! Spring is a great time to reflect and re-evaluate. Reflect on where your life is now, where it has been and where you want it to be.

Change is always happening. Your life is likely much different today than it was a year ago, 5 years ago and certainly 10 years ago. Chances are your life may look different one year from now, 5 years from now and certainly 10 years from now.

Answer the following questions to help you get started on reflecting…

1. Who can you turn to when times get tough? Do you feel you have enough options?

2. Do you have people in your life who simply ‘take’ from you and don’t ‘give’ to you?

3. What behavior(s) of yours would you like to stop?

4. How do you feel at the end of the day? For example, do you feel as if you were productive? If not, what needs to change in order to feel productive?

5. When was the last time you felt deep gratitude?

6. What are the experiences that bring you true joy?

7. Where in your home do you feel peaceful? How can you create more space like that in your home/office/life in general?

8. What are the experiences that trigger stress for you?

9. What behavior(s) of yours makes you feel calm? How often do you engage in these behaviors?

10. What are your spiritual beliefs and how can they help you when you feel anxious, scared, or even depressed?

Each of these questions tells you something valuable about you, your decisions, and your life. If music brings you joy, listen as much as you can. If you have people you refer to as ‘friends’ that do more taking than giving, maybe it is time to re-evaluate how important that relationship is to you and why you are in it. If meditation is a practice you engage in weekly and it brings you a sense of calm, why not try to incorporate it into your life on a daily basis? If you find yourself eating too much and you want to stop this, commit to a new behavior or program to help you. The point here is to use your answers as a way to reflect on how fulfilled you are in your life. Make the necessary changes. Yes, this may sound easy but it is not. The concept is a simple one, but the practice may be a bit tougher. Remind yourself though, that anything worthy in life requires some level of commitment and work. Aren’t you worth it? Happy Spring!