How Will You Spend Valentine’s Day??


By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW

So, another holiday is upon us. For some of you, it is just another day; yet for others, it is an opportunity to show your significant other how special they are to you. Some people have said that Valentine’s Day is just a way for card stores and florists to make money. I beg to differ. While this may be true, maybe we should all take advantage of this day; even if we are not in a relationship! You may have children, friends, siblings, or even co-workers that you want to extend an extra thank you or token of appreciation to; or even acknowledging yourself on this day is incredibly worthwhile. How do people ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day or go out of their way to tell their loved ones just what they mean to them? Here are some of the ideas I’ve heard in my office over the years…Feel free to borrow any of them and create some of your own.

1. Make your partner’s favorite meal, light candles and play ‘your song’.

2. Take a cooking class together.

3. Go out to dinner, lunch or breakfast.

4. Walk (even if brisk outside) on the boardwalk.

5. Buy each other flowers, jewelry, or lingerie (silk boxers often work for men.)

6. Write each other a love note or poem.

7. Go on vacation…could be simple or extravagant.

8. Attend a comedy show; laughter truly is the best medicine… and possibly a great aphrodisiac too!

9. Go for a couples’ massage..or again, a great way to pamper yourself!

10. Make a fire and talk about how you first met.

11. Chocolate can never fail.

12. Surprise your loved one with something…the element of surprise is powerful…and romantic!

13. Do something that your partner does all the time such as pick up the dry cleaning…it is one less chore your partner has to do.

14. Tell him or her how much you appreciation you feel for them. This goes a long way.

Whatever way you choose to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make sure it is one that is your choice. Make a conscious decision about how you want to embrace (or not embrace) this day. 

Happy Valentine’s Day…

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