What Stresses You Out and What You Can Do About it NOW!!


By Stacey Rose, LCSW

What are you stressed out about now? What was the last thing you were really worried about? How did you cope with the stress?

Here are just a few things I’ve heard lately about what is stressing people out these days:

  1. Not enough money
  2. Not enough work
  3. Not enough love
  4. Not enough time
  5. Not enough friends
  6. Not enough exercise
  7. Not enough trust
  8. Not enough respect
  9. Not enough sex
  10. Not enough…

How about focusing on what you do have enough of?? How’s your health? Do you have heat in this brutal winter? Do you have one good friend whom you trust? Are you a good citizen? Do you have your faith to rely on? Look around… you may have more than you realize. Begin to appreciate all you have both internally and externally; notice how being more appreciative begins to make you feel lighter and happier.

When we are thinking in terms of ‘not enough’ we create stress for ourselves. Typically, when we think in these terms, we are afraid. We may be afraid that we won’t have enough of these important aspects of life such as love, money, friends, etc. The answer??? Make happen what you want to happen in your life. If it is more money, work smarter, not harder. If it is more love you want in your life, reach out to people around you that know you and already love you. Have them remind you why you are lovable. Use these reminders as a way to courageously stretch yourself in this area. In other words, all the things you feel you lack, you can put back into your life, starting immediately. Just come up with a plan. What do you need to do to have more respect in your life? You must ask for it. When you don’t get it, you don’t stay in that relationship. Whatever it is that is stressing you out now, you can change. I am sure you know what it would take to put in your life what you need. Is it easy? No. Doable? YES! So, go do it and watch how your stress level dissipates…

Good Luck and Now go get excited about obtaining more of what you need.