What You MUST Know About Holiday Gifts and Your Relationship!


By Stacey Rose, LCSW, PhD

Here we are again at the holiday season…Do you want this season to be exactly like last year or would you like it to be more fulfilling? If you want a repeat performance of last year, you can stop reading here. If, however, you would like this year to be more gratifying and to have it fill your soul, read on…

Even if your holiday is over at the time of reading this article, it is critical you understand how to give a gift your partner will not only appreciate, but actually remember and enjoy. When thinking about what to give your partner this season, consider the following…

Think about what he or she really would appreciate, not what YOU would want.

Give a gift that he or she would truly like, even if you think the gift is near ‘ridiculous’.

Don’t get caught up in thinking, “If he really loved me, he would know what I want.” In other words, communicate to each other what you would appreciate.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! (Literally and metaphorically, a gift does not have to come in a box from the local jeweler or mall…sorry ladies!)

Sometimes the best gifts are not tangible!!! Instead, think about buying or creating a new ‘experience’ for your partner or for you both to share. This could be tickets to a show, a sporting event, or you cooking a nice meal at home with a bottle of champagne.

Some of the most meaningful gifts are FREE! Examples include: running errands for your spouse, doing housework, breakfast in bed, massages, write a love letter, praying or meditating together or making love.

Remember, giving is better than receiving!! The reward of giving is in seeing how happy you have made that special person in your life.

My Gifts to you this Season are some options to improve and even SAVE your relationship while experiencing a deeper connection to your partner.

 Option #1

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Regardless of what gift you choose to give your partner, I wish you and your families the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons!!!