Will Your Relationship Pass The Test?

Would you like to know how healthy your relationship really is? Do you ever wonder if this relationship could be or should be different from how it is?   Is it possible that this is not the relationship for you?  If you a have any doubts about your relationship, stay tuned and answer the following questions to help you get a better handle on it. This “test” will not be graded but may hold valuable information about you, your partner and your relationship. Be honest with yourself and, incidentally, you don’t have to share the answers with anyone else if you don’t want to.

  1. My partner andI are the exact opposite of each other.  T or F
  2. My partner and I have a lot of respect for each other. T or F
  3. My partner and I trust each other. T or F
  4. We talk openly about money. T or F
  5. We talk openly about our sex life. T or F
  6. When we speak, one person talks at a time. T or F
  7. I feel understood by my partner most of the time. T or F
  8. We can often negotiate a compromise that works for both of us when we are at a crossroad. T or F
  9. I like the way we make decisions as a couple. T or F
  10. We laugh together a lot. T or F
  11. If I could do it again, I would choose the same partner. T or F
  12. We share the same basic values. T or F
  13. We spend time together as a couple at least once a week. T or F
  14. When my partner does something that hurts me, I realize it is often unintentional and we are able to recover from it, often feeling closer than when we started. T or F

The Rose Relationship Learning CenterTally Time! Tally up all your “true” responses. If you have ten or more true responses, congratulations to you both!  You are both honest and open and often very connected to each other. If you have seven to ten true answers, you too are in a healthy relationship that just may benefit from more talking about your needs and possibly some more fun time together.

For those of you who have six or less, the good news is there are some very learnable skills that will help you and your partner to come closer as a couple.

If you are both willing to try and do things a bit differently, call me at 732.517.1177 or visit www.staceyrose.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.