If You Knew It Was Almost Over, What Would You Do ???

Let’s assume you went to a psychic who told you your life is almost over.  She said, “Make the best of it, because you only have three months left.”  Aside from being distracted that our life is coming to an end, what would you do differently? What would you do the same? How would your relationships change? How would you treat your partner?

Reading the book “For One More Day“, by Mitch Albom, I started thinking about how life is precious.  Sometimes we forget this and take it all for granted.  This is what i see in my office with couples that are so stuck in their own pain, they can’t see their partner’s pain. When we get scared, we begin to remember that we don’t live forever; neither does our partner.  The Rose Relationship Learning CenterOne of the privileges I’ve have over the years as a psychotherapist, is to witness human relationships at a very close range.  Fear seems to help people treat those they love much better.  Why does it take fear for us to show appreciation at a deep level to those we live with, are married to and love?

A married couple that were on the brink of divorce came to me for therapy to try to salvage what was left after a deteriorating marriage of twenty plus years. They would fight weekly in my office about who is ‘right’ and who was ‘wrong’.  Until one day she found out she had ovarian cancer.  Suddenly, it didn’t matter who was right or wrong anymore.  They began telling each other how much they loved each other .  They said it every day until she died. Don’t wait until it is too late. Do now what you would do if you only had three months left.  That husband would give anything for another three months with his wife.

If you know it was almost over, what would you do??