Are You Ready to Transform YOUR Life?


By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW

We are nearing the finish line of 2013.  How do you feel about what you have accomplished this year so far?  Just like when running a marathon and you can see the end is near, how do you want to finish?  Do you want to crawl to the finish line or run across it with pride?  I challenge you to think about how you want to and will choose to finish this year.  It is not something we often think about.  We do, however, hear a great deal about New Year’s resolutions and how we want to start a year; I ask you to think about how you want to leave 2013.  You still have time!  You still have a chance to meet those resolutions you made back in January of this year.  Just imagine how proud you will be of yourself when you cross this finish line in the way you want to.  

Nowadays it seems everyone has a therapist, personal trainer and/or life coach.  What this must mean is that life is hard and we all need others to help us achieve the results we seek to; in all areas of our lives.  So, what areas do you need some assistance with?  We all have areas of strength as well as weakness.  This is just part of being human.  Find your areas of strength and make them even stronger.  Pat yourself on the back for these strengths.  It is critical that we all recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate where we soar.  

In those areas we need a little help; just ask for it.  Please do not allow your ego to get in the way of you being the best you can be.  Why shouldn’t you live to your fullest potential?  Look at people you admire… what are they doing differently than you?

I would like to personally invite you to consider asking for help from whomever you believe can help you.  This may mean at church, temple, the gym, at work, school, from a therapist, coach or mentor.  Swallow your pride and watch your life transform.