Ten Ways to Beat Stress Today

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By Stacey Rose, LCSW, PhD

If you are stressed because of today’s economy, you are not alone. Between increasing gas and food prices and many people losing their jobs or their businesses, the stress level is skyrocketing.  Stress may have been high for you prior to all of these economic challenges, but now, life is tough. So, what do you do?  We can wait to see if the stock market improves, or if the economy changes, or we can take control of our lives right now.

Typically when we get stressed, we tend to rely on the coping skills we’ve used in the past to help us get by.  For instance, if in the past when you had a stressful day at work you would have a glass or two of wine at night; it is possible that now with increased anxiety and worries you may be having 3 or 4 glasses.  So before it gets out of hand, (whatever you are relying on), read on to learn ways to help you cope under these stressful times.

10 Top Ways to Cope with Stress/Anxiety/Fear/Depression

  1. Talk to a friend/spouse/partner with whom you trust.
  2. Exercise to release the pent-up energy you are holding in.
  3. Laugh! Rent a funny movie or tell jokes to your spouse.
  4. Find a spiritual practice such as praying or meditating.
  5. Write in a journal every day; just five minutes might amaze you.
  6. Research your situation; find financial options to help you know where you can turn if things get really bad!
  7. Walk on the beach.
  8. Listen to music; anything you enjoy.
  9. Treat yourself to a nice meal/massage/or affordable luxury that you don’t typically indulge in.
  10. Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever; this too shall pass.

Hopefully, you will find something above that you are willing to try.  Feel free to let me know about your results and if you have any questions or topics you’d like to see in this blog.  Good luck and enjoy!